First Face North

The Truth Seeker's Wayfinder

Finding your path to happiness in the jungle of life.

This book explains 32 of the building blocks of happiness

You’ll Learn:

  • The surprising true nature of happiness and why most people misunderstand this.
  • The three step process to the life of your dreams.
  • How to use conflict to evlve and grow as a person.
  • The critical difference between the two foundations of a relationship and why one will lead to misery.
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  • I wanted to let you know that I have not finished your book — contrary to the norm I am not rushing to finish it. I want to savor it and to reinforce the themes that are helping me increase the amount of happiness I am perceiving. There are so many nuggets in your book. Many of which I have heard before but for some reason they are sinking in better this time. I think it may have to do with the way you write. 


  • Your book was the catalyst to my “personal development”. It helped me to understand myself better and changed my whole outlook on life. So much better than the books that say “do these 10 exercises and you’ll be happy”. You gave more of an explanation and philosophy. Perhaps allowing the readers to take different things from it and internalise it in their own way. Much more powerful! The story in it about the friends that met when one was going to commit suicide had me in tears!”


  • I just don’t think I can attempt to write all the things I am thinking about right now. I am being literally bombarded with insights… I am just floored tonight. I was not expecting that… I was hopeful, yes. But this is truly awesome, amazing, inspiring stuff!


  • When I happened upon your ebook, I was crippled by anxieties and felt that life was too difficult to overcome. I remember being drawn to a line that read “…life is just so simple.” What followed were quite brilliant analytical essays about the processes of life and the tools necessary to benefit from these processes and create your own life experience. I was mesmerised...


  • I am indeed grateful and feel very inspired after I read your e-book. I was at my lowest point at that time when I chanced upon to see your site and read your e-book. I recall the feeling of having clarity showered upon me while and after I have read your e-book. It was literally one of those e-books I’d recommend to anyone to read to have that sense of clarity and be inspired to move on with their life despite all the obstacles they have..”


Rob McPhillips

About the Author

Rob McPhillips has spent the last three decades as a Therapist, Coach and Blogger to understand what it takes to live a happier and more meanngful life.  

In First Face North, he sums up his findings with 32 principles that happiness rests upon.